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Jan 7, 2013 6:00pm PST
victims of the so-called speed-free killer. the fbi is now leading the excavation of an old well located on a farm outside of lynn deny. the site is near another abandoned well where four bodies were found nearly a year ago. authorities believe those bodies are linked to herzog and wesley sherman time. herzog committed suicide while sherm shermantine is on pin row. >> a combination of efforts, a collaboration of investigative techniques the fbi has been using the last five or six months, information that's been supplied to the fbi by our local and state law enforcement organizations and, of course, interviews we've had with them. >> investigators say it will take about three weeks to hand sift through about 50 feet of soil. >> oakland's first homicide victim of the year is a teenaged boy. police say he was shot and killed around 1:00 this afternoon while sitting in a parked car. this happened at a parking lot near the intersection of hagen berger and hamilton. detectives are not releasing the boy's age or name. last year particularly violent in oakland, as you've heard, 131 people killed
Jan 8, 2013 6:00pm PST
was trying to walk her through cpr. also today an fbi agent gave specific details about the booby trap found in james holmes' apartment, a labyrinth of wires, homemade napalm this week's hearing will determine if it there's enough evidence to go to trial. 25-year-old holmes accused of killing 12 people in a crowded colorado movie theater last july. a day of remembrance for the victims of another shooting massacre. today marked two years since the gunman opened fire at a tucson meet and greet event for then congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she and her astronaut husband used today to launch a new initiative to curb gun violence. the suspect jared loughner has been seven it tensed to life in preside prison. gun control front and center at the white house. the national rifle association was invited to meet with the obama administration on thursday including vice president joe biden. biden is heading an anti-gun violence task force in the wake of the newtown tragedy. the white house says the nra is one of many groups that will attend that meeting. >>> overseas, the only suspect jailed in connect
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2